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Ventilation Air and Infiltration Air

Ventilation Air and Infiltration Air: 

Ventilation Air and Infiltration Air: In this article we will learn about the difference between Ventilation Air and Infiltration Air. the detailed explanation about Ventilation Air and Infiltration Air is as follows

Ventilation Air:

  • Ventilation is provided at the top of the house, which helps to flow fresh air into the room.
  • Ventilations are used to allow fresh air into the room. which makes comfort to peoples inside the room.
  • This is also used to provide good health conditions.
  • The is also used to clean the inside air, when the air from ventilation enters into the room, Infiltered air used to pass out through doors and windows.
  • This also removes smell, dust and enters the good amount of oxygen into the room.
  • Ventilation is provided with different methods like.
  • Mechanical, Hybrid and natural type.
  • There are different ventilation standards used for different purposes, in order to ensure the indoor comfort conditions.

Infiltration Air:

  • Infiltration air is nothing but the air enters the room with the help of doors, windows etc..
  • This air has impurities like dust, smell and different types of impurities.
  • The air flows with different pressure with different temperature according to the air conditions present out of the room.
  • This flow reduces the comfort of peoples inside the room.
  • There is also an air changing method to calculate the change of air per hours.

                   Infiltration is calculated by (q)=(L)(H)(W)(A)/60 
                          L= length of the room in meters.
                         W= width of the room
                         H= height of the room.
                         A= number of air change per hour.

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