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Vibrations and Causes of machine vibrations

Vibrations and Causes of machine vibrations:

Vibration: Vibrations are nothing but when a body undergoes to and fro motion due to the elastic limit in it. Vibration is caused when there is an external force applied on the body it undergoes in to strain formation in it, by this strain development it used to convert into kinetic energy to get back into its original position when the load is removed.

Free Vibrations:

Free vibrations are also called natural vibrations. Free vibrations are said to be when there is no external force is acting on it, after an initial displacement given to it.

There are some important types: 

Transverse Vibration:

These vibrations are formed due to the moment of shaft particles is opposite or perpendicular to the shaft axis.

Longitudinal Vibrations:

This vibration is formed when the shaft particles used to move in the same direction of the shaft axis.

Torsional Vibrations:

This is formed when the particles of the shaft are moving in a circular path about the shaft axis is called torsional vibration.

Different types of effects caused due to vibrations:

  • There is a high noise.
  • By this vibrations discomfort developed to passengers in the vehicle.
  • There is a development of undesirable stress.
  • By this the parts may get defects.
  • Materials may get the failure.
  • Efficiency get decreases.
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