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Effects of propulsive device

Effects of Propulsive devices

Propulsive devices: To cause an effect to the propulsive device there are some methods to explain these problems faced on the propulsion device, like a speed of Aircraft, height of aircraft flies etc..
When an aircraft moves with high speed with higher altitudes the main effect cause on propulsive efficiency due the increasing of inlet drag which relates to the speed, and also plays a major role in increasing the internal temperature.

When there is a common speed that an aircraft runs the pressure of the compressor is normal but when the speed cross it's maximum the reaction shows on the pressure of compressor, this may lead to an effect on compressor. There is also the main problem at higher altitudes because the temperature is different from place to place by this temperature difference can affect the propulsive device.By increasing the range of speed effects show on aircraft and lead to a decrease in net specific thrust.

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