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Electrolux refrigeration - Three-fluid refrigeration system

Electrolux refrigeration or Three-fluid refrigeration system

Electrolux Refrigeration: In this Article we will discuss about Electrolux refrigeration. Electrolux refrigeration is also called as Three-fluid Refrigeration, The name is followed by three fluids called Ammonia, Water, and Hydrogen which is mainly used in this process. Electrolux is  employed in place of no pump and to reduce the sounds.

Working of Electrolux Refrigeration:
The process starts with entering the ammonia from absorber to generator by heating the ammonia with the heat ex-changer process, this generator used to allow only a strong ammonia into the next step, remaining weak solution of ammonia is returned backs to absorber by heat exchange process, when the weak ammonia enters to heat ex-changer it gets cool and this heat is further used to heat the strong ammonia enters in it. The strong ammonia has some water vapor to remove this generator allows it to water separator and eliminates water particles present in it and further this pure one is entered into the condenser to get condensed to liquid ammonia. this liquid ammonia used to enter into the evaporator, in this it contains hydrogen which is used to evaporate the liquid ammonia with low pressure and low temperature and passes to absorber, where ammonia used to absorve by water in the absorber and remaining hydrogen used return into the evaporator, and further absorber used to pass this ammonia into the generator to complete the cycle.

Electrolux Refrigeration Construction:

This used to remove the hydrogen from ammonia which is supplied from the evaporator.
Heat exchanger:
This is used to transfer the heat to ammonia.
This used to supply only the strong ammonia.
Water Separator:
This is used to separate the water particles present in ammonia.
This used to condense the ammonia into liquid ammonia.
This helps to evaporate the ammonia with the help of hydrogen.


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