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Advantages and disadvantages of Brazing

Advantages and disadvantages of Brazing:

Brazing Advantages and Disadvantages: In this article we will learn about the Advantages and disadvantages of Brazing. the detailed explanation about advantages of brazing and Disadvantages of brazing is as follows:

Advantages of Brazing:

  • The filler metal in brazing operation has a low melting point than base metal.
  • The operation of joining different metals, non-metals, etc can possible.
  • It does not require any final finishing operation after completing the joining process.
  • In this operation base metal does not melt so we can remove the joint when we required.
  • This is more useful at large production.
  • There is control over thermal distortion by maintaining the uniform heating.
  • Properties of base metal do not changes.

Disadvantages of Brazing:

  • This method of joining has less strength.
  • This method of joining metal cannot work under high temperature, they may get damaged.
  • This is not useful at long welding.

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