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Advantages and disadvantages of soldering

Advantages and disadvantages of soldering

Soldering Advantages and Disadvantages: In this article we will learn about Advantages and disadvantages of soldering. The detailed explanation about soldering advantages and soldering Disadvantages is as follows:

Advantages of soldering:

  • This can be operated at low temperature.
  • Base metal does not melt.
  • Any metals, non-metals can be joined by this process.
  • This operation required low power.
  • Less time required to join.
  • This can be easily operated.

 Disadvantages of soldering:

  • Strength of joint is less.
  • This is not useful when joint works under high temperature.
  • It is not useful at Long length weldings.
  • Heavy metals cannot be welded by this operation.
  • There is a chance of toxic components at fluxes.

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