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Batteries and types of batteries used in automobile and their maintenance

Batteries and types of batteries used in automobile and their maintenance

Batteries and types of batteries: In this Article we will learn about Batteries and different types of batteries used in cars, automobile industry and we will discuss about their maintenance. what is a battery? Battery is nothing but storage of energy. how many types of batteries are there? Batteries are two types one is primary batteries and secondary batteries. Batteries which cannot be recharged and reused are called primary batteries. Secondary batteries are reused by recharging.Primary batteries are most useful at a long time of storage is required and these batteries are low cost then secondary type.

  • Maintenance required is low and more reliable.
  • Some of the primary batteries are Lithium batteries, Zinc-carbon batteries and most of the Alkaline batteries are primary batteries.
  • Secondary batteries are rechargeable batteries this is more costly compared to primary these batteries can recharge more than 1500-2000 times according to there characteristics and properties they use in it. these batteries have more maintenance.
  • Coming to Automobile usage, the most of them they use are secondary batteries, which gets recharge them instead of replacing.

Types of batteries used in automobiles:

  • Lead-acid batteries.
  • Nickel-metal hydride batteries.
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries.

Automobiles use batteries for starting the engine. starting an engine requires high energy, these batteries used to supply high energy to start an engine, these different types have different futures. 

Maintenance of batteries:

Regular maintenance is needed for automobile batteries because they may cause immobilize to vehicles and leads to improper function if there are any damages in batteries.

  • There is a need to check the electrolyte level in cells this is done by vent caps.
  • They should be no cracks on it.
  • You should take care about vent plug, that needs to be free always.
  • If there is no charge in the battery you use in the vehicle you should recharge it as soon as possible.
  • Condition of battery needs to check regularly.
  • Terminals need to be clean every time, this is important due to it may affect to corrosion.

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