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Difference between Soldering and brazing

Difference between Soldering and brazing

Soldering and brazing Difference: In this article we will discuss about the difference between Soldering and brazing. Soldering is a method of  joining different types of metals with help of molten metal is called Soldering. Brazing is also process of joining different metals or non metals by using filler metal is called brazing.


  • Soldering is the process of joining different types of metals/ non-metals with the help of molten metal is called soldering.
  • In this process, it required about 425 degrees C to melt the filler metal and join the different combinations.
  • In this process, base metal does not melt.
  • The metal that joined by this process cannot work under high temperature.
  • This is a simple and less cost compared to brazing.
  • This type of joint has less strength.
  • This cannot work for long metals.
  • This work can be done easily, without any experience.
  • This can join Plastics, different metals, etc..



  • Brazing is the process of joining different metals/non-metals by using filler metal.
  • This also works under 425 degrees C, to join the metals.
  • Base metal has no effect by this temperature.
  • This type of joining is more strong than soldering.
  • This is a little difficult and more costly compared to soldering.
  • This cannot useful for very long joints.
  • This joints can work only temperature less than filler metal melting point.
  • It required some experience to work on it.
  • This is used for joining Wrought metals, non-similar metals, non-metals etc.

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