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Electro chemical Machining: Principle, Working of Electro chemical Machining

Electro chemical Machining:

Electro chemical Machining: In this article we will learn about ElectroChemical Machining. Electro chemical Machining is a process or method of removing metals by cutting tool or Electro chemical process.


Electro chemical machining is a metal removing machine, but it is different from many other machining process.In this machining process, work and the tool cannot come in contact with each other directly.
This machining process uses only Electrolyte as the medium between tool and work. the process is done by supplying the electric current through the electrolyte.
In this process workpiece should be immersed in solution and tool should be held over the required work. there is a connection between the solution and tool to pass electrolyte into the tool and finish the work.


The work piece should be placed in the solution (Electrolyte) which is in a tank, and a pump is used to connect to the tool and another end is placed in solution, on the other end there is a power supply system. when the current is supplied to it the solution from tank enters into the tool and develops the potential difference in ionic dissociation takes place in electrolyte and tool, and machining process takes place by moving the Positive ions moving towards the tool and negative ions pass towards work, and metal removes by the electrolyte.


  • This can produce a high surface finish.
  • It can produce highly accurate work.
  • Tool and work do not make contact with each other.
  • This can machine high strength metals also.
  • This is used for cutting, drilling etc..


  • This process is costly.
  • This cannot machine non-conductive metals.
  • By this process it reduces in Fatigue.

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