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Feed Check Valve - Mechanical Education

Feed Check Valve:

Feed Check Valve: In this article we will learn about Feed Check Valve. What is Feed Check Valve? where we use Feed Check Valve. Feed Check Valve is one of important boiler mounting used to control the water flow and acts as a non-return valve, Feed Check Valve controls the reverse flow of water from boiler due to the the pressure difference in the boiler and supply line.Boiler mountings are

most useful to secure the boiler from different types of damages to prevent the boiler from different damages different types of safety valves are used, feed check valve is one of the important valves to save from the reverse flow of water. So this element is placed to control and maintain the required level of water in the boiler with the help of the feed pump, feed check valve frame is covered by a brass metal. This valve is placed on the boiler shell, below the minimum level of water. This operation is an automatic process.

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