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Fusible plug - Working of Fusible Plug

Fusible plug:

Fusible Plug: In this article we will learn about fusible plug and Working of Fusible Plug. A fusible plug is used in boilers to control or to protect the boiler from damages occur at high temperature. when the boiler gets highly heated if there is the low amount of water present in it, then the boiler causes damages to low water and high temperature present in it, to avoid this problem we use fusible plug in it.

Working of Fusible Plug:

This is placed in a locomotive firebox when the water in the boiler is more than the level of the fusible plug then the crown contains water around it, but when there is the low level of water than the fusible plug, then the water around the crown gets decreased, and crown exposed to open temperature present in the boiler, the temperature present in the boiler heats the crown too high temperature, this crown gets melted and produces a hole, this hole makes the high-pressure water inside the boiler rush into the firebox and stops the fire with this water and reduces the heat supply to the boiler.
This plug is made with low melting temperature metal, this helps when the temperature present in boiler reaches to high the plug gets melt and helps in escaping the hot gases. In the remaining time, it uses to close the safety valve.

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