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Multi-point Fuel Injection (MFPI) system for SI engine

Multi-point Fuel Injection system (MFPI) for SI engine:

Multi-point Fuel Injection (MFPI) system: In this article we will learn about Multi-point Fuel Injection (MFPI) system. In Multi-point injection system (MFPI) each cylinder has it's own fuel injector which is present on the inlet port of the cylinder, this type of system is more advantages in mixing of air-fuel, equal distribution of fuel etc.comparatively to Carburettor and single point injection system. there are  two types of methods in injecting the fuel to the cylinder at the time of combustion, one is direct and another is indirect methods.

Direct method used to pass the fuel straightly into the combustion chamber but in the indirect method the fuel is passed into the back of the inlet valve.Any of this injection system is more accurate and exact mixing in air-fuel which helps in less fuel consumption and there is an effective output by pumping the equal the quantity of fuel into all cylinders.

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