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Petrol Injection System Advantages and disadvantages

Petrol Injection System Advantages and disadvantages:

Petrol Injection System Advantages and disadvantages: In this article we will learn about advantages and disadvantages of Petrol Injection System. The detailed explanation about Advantages and disadvantages of Petrol Injection System is as follows.

Advantages of Petrol Injection System:

  • Petrol injection system has improved the ratio of the volume of the fluid by this there is an increase in power.
  • There is the decrease in fuel consumption.
  • There are no effects by combustion on supplying the quality fuel by this compression ratio can be improved.
  • Injection system like single or multi point are more appropriate to supercharged engines
  • By this injection system, the output of the engine is improved.
  • With the help of nozzle the quantity of fuel can be controlled easily.

Disadvantages of Petrol Injection System:

  • It is important to filter the fuel carefully this may cause damages.
  • Construction is difficult.
  • Cost is high.
  • It required more maintenance.
  • It produces more sound.
  • It may cause wear.
  • There is an additional requirement of the nozzle, for every cylinder.

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