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Single jet Carburetor: construction, working of Single Jet Carburetor

Single jet Carburetor

Single jet Carburetor:
      In this article we will learn about Single jet Carburetor. A simple single jet carburetor used to supply the required air-fuel ratio to the combustion chamber to generate the energy for further uses. The detailed explanation about construction and working about Single jet Carburetor is as follows.

Construction of Single jet Carburetor:

To clean the fuel from small particles.
This helps to supply and stops the fuel entering the chamber.
Float chamber:
This used to store the fuel in it and supplied when it is required.
This helps the fuel to supply into the combustion chamber.
This creates the pressure difference when the piston moves downwards and helps to flow the fuel.
Throttle valve:
This used to control the supply of the air-fuel mixture.

Working of Single jet Carburetor:

First, the fuel enters from the fuel tank to float chamber, there is a fuel filter to supply the clean fuel to the float chamber, float chamber contains a float to maintain the required level of fuel in it when the fuel if filled the float moves upward and stops the supply of fuel. there is a nozzle which is provided above the float chamber tube, this used to spray the required amount of oil and mix with air, this is function take places when the pressure difference occurred at the throat by moving the piston downwards. and this mixture is supplied to the combustion chamber for further process of combustion.

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