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Spring and types of springs

Spring and types of spring:

Springs: In this article we will learn about springs and types of springs.Springs are generally different types according to the requirement, but now we are going to learn about suspension system used in automobiles.Springs are used to absorbing energy init when we apply force or any impacts on it. the absorbed energy contains shocks, sudden impacts, or regular loads etc.This energy is released when the applied load gets free from springs or removed from it.This helps the vehicle free from shocks, high vibrations, provide grip, and makes stable in any situations.

Types of Springs:

  • Coil Springs
  • Leaf Springs
  • Torsion Spring
  • Air Spring

Coil Spring:

  • This type of springs is in circular shapes, which absolves the energy by compressing the spring. this type of system increases there resistance when there is high compression applied on it. this gives more strength to it.

Leaf Spring:

  • This type of springs are generally used for heavy load carrying vehicles, there is generally single leaf and multi-leaf are used in multi-leaf there are more than four plates which are connected by clips. this absorbs the vibrations, shocks by sliding one over another. 

Torsion bar:

  • This is made up of a steel bar, which is connected to the vehicle with the help of bearing which acts as the medium for a moving wheel and a constant torsion bar. 
  • This rod undergoes to twist when there is any shocks/vibrations caused to wheels and controls the moment of wheels.

Air Spring:

  • This type of springs works under compression of air in a cylinder by moving the piston up and down. for passing air in and out to the cylinder it has valves on it. This compression action replaces the spring action.

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