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Thermostat and use of Thermostat - Mechanical Education

Thermostat and use of Thermostat:

Thermostat: In this article we will learn about Thermostat and where it is Used. The thermostat is mechanical equipment, especially used for supplying the coolant to the engine, to obtain the required temperature at the time of starting. the thermostat helps to operate the engine effectively by maintaining the internal temperature of the engine constantly.

The temperature of the engine is maintained at the required range by the help of circulating the water/air through the radiator which removes the high heat produced by the engine and makes to run at the constant temperature, by this efficiency of the engine can be increased and a better output is obtained.By controlling the temperature unnecessary effects can be eliminated like high heating of engine, improper fuel consumption, effects of piston rings etc..

The Most Commonly used Thermostats are as follows:

There are two types of thermostat which are most commonly used they are as follows:
  • Bellows type thermostat and 
  • Dole type thermostat.

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