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Bell-Coleman cycle, Working and construction.

Bell-Coleman Cycle:

Bell-Coleman Cycle: Bell-Coleman cycle explains about heat absorbing from a refrigerator and keeps the cabin cool. Bell-Coleman system consists of four components in it and Air is used as a medium to work in this refrigeration system. in different stages air undergoes different conditions like high pressure, temperature, compression etc. This is a closed cycle in which air used to recirculate in it. Components used in this system follow:
1) Compressor.
2) Condenser.
3) Expander.
4) Refrigerator.

Working of Bell-Coleman cycle:

The air from refrigerator enters into the compressor and there it gets compressed and further enters into the condenser, the air enters into condenser gets cooled at constant pressure and this is  supplied to the expander, where air gets expanded and increases the volume of air, this expanded air is further supplied to the refrigerator to absorb the heat, this increases the temperature and enters into the compressor to complete the cycle.

Construction of Bell-Coleman:

1) Compressor:

In this stage, the air undergoes to compress, which is entered from the refrigeration stage. and this compressed air supplied to the condenser for further process.

2) Condenser:

The air enters from compressor used to condense in it. in this air temperature decreases to a low.

3) Expander:

This makes the air to expand, which increases in air volume.

4) Refrigerator:

This used to receive the cold from expander and absorbs the heat.


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