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Gearbox - Types, Working & classifications in gearbox.

What is a Gearbox?

Gearbox: Gearbox is a device used to transmit the power from one shaft to another shaft. A gearbox is used to transmit the required amount of energy needed to run the vehicle at different road conditions and depends on load carrying on it. Gearbox adjusts the speed of the crankshaft and transfers the energy to rotate the wheels. we make changes according to the speed we are traveling and road conditions.

 Different types of classifications in the gearbox:

  • Constant mesh gearbox.
  • Synchromesh gearbox.
  • Epicyclic gearbox.

 Constant Mesh Gearbox:

Constant Mesh Gearbox has different types of shafts, and gears in it. arranging them in a unique manner to get the required output. this gearbox consists of two main shafts called lay shaft and main shaft, the main shaft consists of a different number of shafts, these gears are placed in a constant shaft with the gears on layshaft and the main shaft is provided with the two dog clutches arranged in between the clutch gear and second gear, the other one is placed in between the reverse gear and first gear. The function of different gears work according to the dog meshes with the clutches and obtains a required speed gear to transfer the motion.

Advantages of Constant Mesh gearbox:

  • Constant Mesh gearbox provides smooth function, and for smooth engagement synchronizing device can use in it.
  • In this damages does not occur to gear wheel directly it only affects the dog clutch.
  • This does not produce any noise at the time of function of gears and power transmission.
  • It does not require double clutching.
  • Failure of gears does not occur in it.

Disadvantages of Constant Mesh gearbox:

  • In this type of gear, shifting is not as quickly as possible.
  • Defects occur in this type of gears is more.

Synchromesh Gearbox:

Synchromesh gearbox is a device which is used to provide frictional contact between the two gears. this is the same as that of constant mesh gears. but this is not provided to all gears in most of the vehicles, it places in between top gears of the vehicle.
Synchromesh makes to rotate the pinion at equal speed when they made perfect contact between synchronizer and pinion.

Advantages of synchromesh Gearbox :

  • This makes a rotation of gears.
  • In this, there is no meeting/clash of gears occurs by this.
  • This makes easy in shifting gears.
  • In these defects occur is less.

Disadvantages of synchromesh Gearbox:

  • In this type of gears failure may occur.
  • It required double clutching.

Epicyclic Gearbox:

This gearbox is also called a planetary gearbox. this gearbox consists of two shafts called planet shaft and sun gear shaft. Planet gear and sun gears are provided inside the ring gear, which is placed one over another. sun gear is used to connect with planet gear and this planet gear used to connect with the ring gear and makes the rotation. This is enclosed with the brake band, this is to operate at different speeds.

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