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Cutting Tools: Types of cutting tools

Different types of Cutting tools:

Cutting Tool: 

A Cutting tool is a machine element which is used to cut or remove the extra material on the workpiece. cutting too is made up of different metals based on materials, cutting tools are classified. In any machining process cutting tool is the most important thing to work efficiently and accurately. Using different materials these tools are made.

Types of cutting tools:

There are Different types of Cutting Tools They are as follows:

High-Speed Steel Tools:

This type of cutting tool has a higher cutting speed. this tool is made by alloy steel which contains cobalt, tungsten, chromium etc..
The cutting tool made by this type of materials can work under 550-600 degree Celsius, due to the presence of strong, harder and temperature resistant materials in cutting tool this is used to machine high hard materials.

High-Carbon Steel Tools:

Cutting tool made by this material contains a high percentage of carbon and this helps to work under high hardness conditions. but at the higher temperature, it's hardness gets decreases. Cutting tools made by these materials have high wear resistance and hardness due to the presence of high carbon. this type of tools can work up to 400 degree Celsius without any wear effect to the tool.

Stellite Tools:

Stellite tools are one of the most powerful tools used in the manufacturing industry. this type of tools contain less iron init, the tool is made by alloy contains tungsten, cobalt etc.. this cutting tool presence with some special futures which is high shock resistance. this tool works with a high cutting speed. due to the different combination materials present in the tool it has high hardness and can work under 900-degree Celsius.

Cemented Carbide Tools:

This tool made by alloy, with the combination of titanium, tungsten etc.. this tough material gives high strength, hardness to the tool. and with the presence of carbon, it has high wear resistance and can work under high temperature which is more than stellite tools.  this tool has a higher cutting ratio than stellite. this tools can work under 950-1000 degree Celsius.

Ceramic Tools:

Cutting tool made by ceramic are high-temperature resistance and they are one of the toughest tools used in the cutting/machining process.  this type of tools works with a high rate of cutting speed. this tools can work under 1160-1210 degree Celsius.

Diamond Tools:

Diamond tools are naturally made material on earth. this is only the toughest material upto now. the tool made by this has many advantages in temperature resistance, wear resistance and shock resistance etc.. these tools are used to cut tough, strong and hard materials.


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