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Die casting Process: Working, advantages, disadvantages and applications.

Die Casting Process, Advantages, disadvantages and Applications 

Die Casting process: Die casting is a method of manufacturing a product by using different types of casting process explained below, This type of casting process is take places by using different methods to different types of casting process involved. By this die casting process different applications can be made by using different casting operations.

Working of Die Casting Process:

Die casting is a different method of casting, In this casting process the object obtained has high dimensional accurate. to make the required object by using die casting
process it contains two dies, two blocks which is made with metal, the blocks used in this casting process is made with metal because it should resist the heat.
There are some different types of casting process involved in making an object by using die casting process.
There is a simple process we can use in die casting process is air blow. Air blow die casting  does not contains any sliding/rotating parts to make noise or any sliding motion.
For making a metal elements with strong enough method is cold chamber die casting process.
In die casting the pressure applied on the molten metal is different for different types of process, If the die casting is done by using submerged type then the pressure used is about 140 to 160 Kg/cm2.
At the time of cold chamber die casting pressure used is about 180 to 2000 Kg/cm2.
A high accurate dimensions of the object is obtained by applying a required pressure with respect to the type of die casting.

Advantages of Die Casting:
  • Die casting process increases the production rate.
  • We can obtain highly accurate dimensions.
  • There is no need of additional finishing process.
  • It is highly used in manufacturing complex objects.
Disadvantages of Die Casting:
  • This is a costly method.
  • Work knowledge is needed to handle this process.
  • Some type of casting method needs hydraulic machines.
  • Maintenance is high.
Applications of Die casting:
  • Used to make automotive parts, tools, motors, home applications etc..

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