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Difference between Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources

Difference between Renewable and non-renewable resources:

Renewable and non-renewable resources: In this article we will discuss about Renewable Energy & Non-Renewable Energy? Renewable energy is nothing but which can be reusable in our daily life. Non-Renewable energy means which cannot be renewable or re-usable. The detailed explanation about the difference between Renewable energy and Non-Renewable energy is as follows.

What is Renewable energy?

Renewable energy is reusable energy which is an infinite amount present on earth that we are using in our daily life. Eg: heat, wind, water etc.


What is Non-Renewable energy?

This type of energy is a non-reusable type, this type of energy resources are less and limited in amount compared to renewable energy resources.

Difference between Renewable Energy and Non-Renewable Energy:

Renewable energy:

  • This type of energy is unlimited present on earth.
  • With the help of renewable resource we can develop clean energy.
  • This type of energy is a non-pollution type.
  • By using renewable resources and converting them into the required energy is a complex thing compared to non-renewable type.
  • This type of energy is not continuously available, due to the sun/wind does not shine or blow all the time.
  • Required maintenance is more than non-renewable type.
  • Energy producing a plant from renewable resource installation cost is high.
  • There are no harmful gases or polluted water is developed in it.
  • It required regular maintenance and comparatively more.
  • Space required for this type of power plant is more.
  • High Experienced and skilled persons can only work on it.

Non-renewable energy:

  • This type of energy resources is limited and less on earth comparatively to renewable type.
  • By using these resources pollution developed is high.
  • Using these resources and converting them into the required energy is not as complex as renewable.
  • This type of resources can be drawn continuously and can supply to a required amount needed.
  • By comparing to renewable its maintenance is less and easy.
  • Energy producing a plant from Non-renewable resource installation cost is less.
  • Energy produced by every non-renewable resource develops harmful gases and huge wastage compared to renewable.
  • Energy plant like Nuclear power plant needed more maintenance.
  • Space required for developing energy by using this type of resources is less.
  • Experienced and skilled persons are required.
Due to various reasons like pollution, harmful gases developed by using non-renewable resources, modern technology develops in renewable resources mainly on the solar, wind.
We mostly depend on non-renewable resources to produce energy not only power plants, but vehicles are also the main reason that takes a part in air pollution. So modern technology has trying mostly on controlling pollution for next generations improvement in their life's, So only renewable resources help to stop this pollution.

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