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Gas Turbine Power Plant, Advantages, disadvantages and applications.

Gas Turbine Power Plant:

Gas Turbine Power Plant: Gas Turbine Power Plant is used to generate electrical energy using air as the medium, which helps to rotate the turbines and connected to generators to develop electricity.

Working of gas turbine power plant:

Gas power plant intakes Air and used to heat with the help of heat exchanger to increase the temperature of air, after reaching to high temperature it passes to compressing unit which has two stages one is LP and HP compressor, there air gets compressed, this Compressed air is used to pass into the combustion chamber and this is used to pass into HP turbine and after it gets into LP turbine. this turbine used to rotate according to the air expansion rate, and these turbines are connected with generators to produce electricity.

Advantages Gas Turbine Power Plant:

  • Operating speed is high in this plant.
  • In this plant there is no smoke combustion has occurred.
  • Gas turbine power plant required less space.
  • The capacity of work produced for 1 kg of air is high in this type of plants.
  • In this plant the lubrication is process is simple.
  • Capital cost is less compared to other power plants.
  • In this there is no problem with ash content.
  • It has higher mechanical efficiency.
  • Required maintenance is less than another one.
  • This plants has high reliability.
  • At the time of operation, these plants are more flexible.


Disadvantages of Gas Turbine:

  • In this plant there is a need of external energy to start a compressor before the turbine gets to start.
  • This plant has the different type of metals required than other plants.
  • Gas turbine power plant required a special type of cooling system or methods.
  • The lifetime of gas turbine power plant is less.
  • Layout of this plant is complex than diesel plant.
  • Gas turbine plants are more danger or risk than diesel plants.

Applications of Gas Turbine Power Plant:

  • Gas turbine plants are used to produce electricity.
  • Gas turbines are with different types according to the requirement like small, medium, and large sizes.
  • This is used in turbo pumps, rotary compressors.
  • This is also used in aircraft.
  • This type of plants are used in heavy engines like diesel engines.
  • This also used in marine engines.

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