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Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).

Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)

What is a Heat affected zone?

Heat Affected Zone is the area of heat spread over the surface of base metal when the base metal is welded.

Heat affected zone:

Heat Affected Zone is the surrounded area of the main metal which is next to the weld area, when the metal undergoes to high heat at the time of welding or cutting the surrounded zone gets to heat effect and may loss their metal properties. If there is any work done on heat affected zone with a sudden change in heat or cool the micro structure of the material may changes.

Effects of Heat Affected Zone:

If we are welding a material which has less thickness then the heat affected zone area increases. but we can decrease the area of heat affect by increasing the speed of welding.
The area which is affected by heat may changes it's properties according to the cooling process in the weld area. and when compared to the heat affected zone the remaining material has high strength and hardness.
We can control the area of heat affected zone by increasing the rate of cooling.
Heat affected zone plays a major role in the weld metals, because welded metals work under high temperatures may gets to easy damage and some can withstand to high temperatures, and some can carry huge loads without any bending stress in it.

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