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Tools used in pattern maker

Tools used in Pattern Maker

Pattern Maker: Pattern is a design material that is used repeatedly. a common material used for pattern making is wood. but there are many materials used in making different types of patterns. According to the application of output needed pattern maker uses different types of tools to shape a pattern.

Need of tool's in pattern making:

Tool's are an important components in making pattern, many number of tool's are used to design and shape the pattern in required dimensions to get an accurate output.

Some of the common Tools used by a Pattern Maker:

The following are the common tools used by a pattern marker
  • Cutting Tools
  • Measuring Tools
  • Boring Tools
  • Holding Tools
  • Miscellaneous tools

Cutting Tools:
Cutting tools like Chisels, hammers, saws, drillers etc.. cutting tools used in pattern maker is the most important to gain the required shape we want and this plays a major role in pattern making.

Measuring Tools:
These tools are used to measure the accurate dimensions of pattern/output object, to calculate and ensure the original dimensions we required.

Boring Tools:
This type of tools is used to drill a hole, enlarge a hole, circular holes on the pattern.

Holding Tools:
This type of tools are in a fixed position to the table, these tools are used to hold the pattern work with a strong/hard grip. we can make work on pattern easily by holding the pattern with stiff attachment. some of the pattern holding tool's are Bench vice, G-cramp, Bench stop etc.

Miscellaneous Tools:
These tools are the finishing products used to improve the surface finish, edges, sharpness and for the roundness of the pattern, this tool's make the pattern with accurate measurements.
some of the tools used are files, scraper etc..

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