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Types of pattern materials, advantages and disadvantages.

Types of pattern materials, advantages and disadvantages

What is a pattern?
Pattern: Pattern is the shape of object, which is made by different material to get a required output from it. To prepare a pattern there are different materials available which is explained below. The materials that used in pattern making has different properties and advantages.

Pattern Materials:
Pattern materials are different types according to the output required, pattern materials are used in making patterns. According to the required dimensions and surface finish pattern materials are selected.

Different types of materials are:

Wood Patterns:
Wood is the most common material used in making a pattern, this type of material is easy in making patterns. to make wood into a pattern,it should dried properly.

Advantages of Wood Patterns:
  • Wood is highly available in nature and less cost.
  • Making patterns is easy.
  • We can obtain to a high surface finish easily with less effort.
  • Wood can construct into different forms easily.
  • They have comparatively more strength to weight ratio.
  • This type of pattern material is easy to machine.

Disadvantages of Wood Patterns:
  • Wood material is not high accuracy in dimensions we required.
  • This material should handle with care and smooth.
  • It has less wear resistance.
  • Wood has low abrasion resistance.

Metal Patterns:
Metal patterns are one of the strong and hard patterns and these patterns are more costly than different types pattern materials.

Advantages of Metal Patterns:
  • Metal patterns are comparatively more strong.
  • We can obtain high surface finish.
  • Metals can obtain to high dimensional accuracy.
  • They are more resistant to wear, corrosion etc..
  • Metals can be stored for long periods than wood.

Disadvantages of Metal Patterns:
  • Metals are more weight, it is not easy to handle.
  • They are high in cost compared to many pattern materials.
  • Pattern should take care to avoid any damages like corrosion, deformation etc.

Plastic Patterns:
A plastic material is high in use, but they are not safe and not used at high temperatures.

Advantages of Plastic Patterns:
  • Pattern making with plastic is low in weight.
  • Plastic can obtain to high accuracy in dimensions.
  • This type of patterns are strong and smooth.
  • Plastic patterns have not to effect from nature like corrosion, rust, moisture etc..
  • This type of patterns has a long life without protection.
  • Handling is easy.

Disadvantages of plastic Patterns:

  • Plastic patterns are not useful at higher temperatures.
  • Stronger plastic materials are more costly to use.

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