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Units Of Stress - strength of materials

Units of Stress: In this article, we are going to discuss about unit of stress and what is the main reason to develop the stress in a body.  The main reason behind the deformation of a body is the stress developed internally. This stress is directly included in changes that occur physically in a body. The main stress formation depends on the internal resistance force.

What is a Stress?

Stress is defined as a force which is internally developed in a body by applying an external force. This internal force is used to resist the external force to save the object from deformation. This deformation occurs when the external force has more power than the internal force.

Units of stress:

In SI units there is a direct units for stress is Pascal. There is also a clear explanation for SI units for stress is Newtons per square meters which describes force per area.

Stress= Force/Area

In MKS Units force per area is defined as KgF/m2

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