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Bezier curves, surface, and B-spline curves and Coons curve

About Bezier Curves, Surface, and B-spline Curves and Coons Curve:

In this article we will discuss about Bezier curves, Bezier surface, B-spline curves and Coons curve.

Bezier Curves:

  • Bezier curves are developed by P. Bezier who is the founder of Renault.
  • Bezier curves are used in designing of parts that are used in cars by using uni surf software.
  • These curves are developed by Different type of passing techniques, by passing through a given data points this is interpolation technique.
  • approximation technique is opposite to it where it does not passes through a given data points.
  • By these data points, the shape of Bezier curves is controlled and also varies.
  • It has high order derivatives by this the curves are very smooth.

Bezier Surface:

  • Bezier surface is a synthetic surface, Bezier surface is produced by control points manipulation. this does not pass through all data points.
  • Bezier surface can be easily modified.

Properties of Bezier surface:

  • By the help of Bezier surface, the Convex hull is controlled.
  • By using the coincide corner points the Bezier surface can easily develop a closed type.
  • By pulling the control points the surface is used to change.
  • In this, a high degree of polynomial get by the greater design flexibility.
  • This shape of part of the surface cannot change due to the lack of local control.

Coons surface:

  • Coon surface is the form of Transfinite interpolation. Coon surface is developed by using the infinite number of data points.
  • Modification of coon surface is not easy. when we change the input curves the surface shape is changed.
  • This type of surface can develop a smooth and blended surface. If the input curves are used to edit there is no change in the entire surface.
  • This is used to form a closed type that is for blending the curves to get intersecting.

B-Splines curves:

  • B-Spline curves are used to generate a single polynomial curve. These curves are the more powerful generation of Bezier curves.
  • By the help of B-Spline curves, the complexity in the computation of Bezier curves can be made into a simple continuity.
  • B-spline curves cannot affect the degree of the curve by adding control points to it. and this has the ability to interpolate a set of given data points.

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