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CREO 2.0 Parametric 3D Modeling System - Mechanical Education

 CREO 2.0.

Creo: Creo 2.0 is created by  Dr.Samuel P. Geisberg in 1980, this is the industry 1st successful parametric 3D CAD modeling system.This is an integral part of the broader product development system developed by PTC.This is used by design, manufacturing etc. this parametric modeling approach uses dimensions, parameters, features, and this is used to capture the relationship of intended product behavior.
This is also used for creating a recipe which enables design automation, optimization of design and product development processes.This design is used to approach many companies. this used to provide the complete set of design, manufacturing capabilities and integral when the resulting geometry may be complex or it is in equation-based form. This design has high capabilities like solid modeling, surfacing, routed system design, tolerance analysis, and tooling design.
  • These are used by many companies to create a complete 3D digital model to there product.
  • This enables concurrent engineering, design, analysis and manufacturing engineers work.
  • CNC manufacturing, tool design, rapid prototype, finite element analysis is done by using 2D and 3D model data.
  • In this, Without Conversion, the data is associative and interchangeable in between CAD, CAE, and CAM.
  • In this, the changes can make in design at any time during the product development process and automatically update.
  • This also has the development capability in streamline product.

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