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Electronic Ignition system, Working and Main Parts - Mechanical Education

Electronic Ignition system:

Electronic Ignition System: The Electronic Ignition System is used to ignite the air-fuel mixture to generate heat in the combustion chamber. this type of system uses a battery to supply the power, and it needs an ignition coil, distributor and spark plug etc.Electronic ignition system used to create the magnetic field and generates the high voltage by supplying this voltage through different medium to spark plug it creates a spark to ignite the air-fuel mixture.By using this type of system the working of spark plug is more efficient and reliable.This type of system used to produce a high voltage with the help of the spark plug by transferring the high voltage through distributors.In this system the only spark plug used to connect directly with the combustion chamber and this spark plug also works as an air tight to the cylinder which helps to avoid the heat generated in the engine escapes from cylinder.

Main parts of the Electronic ignition system:

The Following are the main parts of Electronic Ignition System
  • Battery
  • Electronic Control Unit
  • Armature
  • Ignition Coil
  • Distributor
  • Spark Plug

The battery used to store the energy and used to supply to different parts when it required, in this ignition process when we start the engine the supply of current from the battery gets supplied to the primary winding to generate a high voltage in the secondary coil.

Electronic Control Unit:
This is used to ON and OFF the primary current.

An armature plays an important role in generating a magnetic field.

Ignition coil:
This is used to generate a high voltage.

Distributor plays an important role in transferring the voltage, which created in the secondary coil and transferred from rotor to distributor and supplied to spark plug with the help of cable connected in between them.

Spark plug:
This used to create a spark by using high voltage supplied from the distributor, and this spark helps to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber to generate heat energy.

Working of Electronic Ignition System:

When we switch ON the engine the current from the battery starts to flow from the primary winding coil, with the help of this primary winding the armature coil present in the ignition system gets started and this is used to collect the signals  from the Armature and this signals used to supply to the ignition module, In order to stop the current flow from the primary winding coil it receives the voltage signals from the pickup coil to the electronic module, this voltage signal gets supplied when the rotating reluctor reaches near to the pickup coil, by this the current flow gets stopped.There is a high voltage developed due to the induced EMF in the secondary winding by generating a magnetic field in the ignition coil. and this high voltage get supplied to the spark plug with the help of rotor to the distributor shaft, and this distributor used to supply the voltages as per the time given, the transfer of voltage occur from the air gap of rotor to the distributor and with the help of cable connected to the spark plug the voltage gets transferred and a spark is produced in between the central electrode and ground electrode and this spark used to burn the air-fuel mixture.

Advantages of Electronic ignition system:

  • Less moving parts
  • Less Maintenance
  • More Reliability
  • High Efficiency
  • Working of a Spark plug is more efficient and life can be increased
  • Increases fuel efficiency

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