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Forging Process and Types of Forgings - Mechanical Education


Forging: Forging is a process of machining the metal by pressing, rolling etc. with the help of forging process the metal can be shaped into the required size by different methods like Machine Forging, Press Forging, Roll Forging etc which are explained below. Some of this kind of forging process is a costly method and which gives a quality output but there are also some regular forging process is done and some this machine Forging process required skilled persons to operate.

Process of forging metal in the production 

Types of Forgings:

There are different types of Forging they are as follows:

  • Machine Forging
  • Press Forging
  • Roll Forging
  • Drop Forging
  • Rotary Forging

Machine Forging:

Machine forging is used to apply a squeeze pressure to shape the workpiece into a required shape.In this type of forging operation, the workpiece is placed in the horizontal direction. Machining forging is a better process to shape the work in required size it gives an quality output. when we operate this type of forging process it produces more sounds due to the more moving parts present in it,and this type of machining is low cost and maintenance is low, In order to operate this forging process skilled persons are required.

Press Forging:

In his type of forging process, the workpiece is placed in a vertical direction at the time of operation. and this type of forging process gives an less quality output compared to other types. press forging machining required less investment and needed less skilled persons. it required low maintenance and operation is smooth with less noise developed in it due to the work does not process for in-depth operation.

Roll Forging:

This type of machining process consists of rollers in this type of process the work piece is placed in between the rollers to get compressed and formed into a required shape, this type of process does not involve much experience to operate it and low noise is developed at the time of machining due to the less moment in parts.

Drop Forging:

This process is used to machine huge quantities of work and the work piece is placed in a vertical direction. It required more maintenance and to operate drop forging machining process low skilled persons are also used.and this type of operation develops more noise and one of the costly method of machining and this type of operation required hammers to press the work piece into a required shape.

Rotary forging:

This type of operation is used to machine long tubes and rods this type of process has more production rate and it develops a quality work than many types. This type of process is a costly method and required skilled persons.

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