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Lighting system in cars

Lighting System in Cars:

Lighting system in cars: There are different lighting systems like head light, parking light, stop light, tail light, direction lights and many more lighting systems.These different lighting systems are used in vehicles for a different purpose, uses of different light are explained below.

Different types of Lighting Systems:

The Following are the different types of Lighting Systems used in cars.
  • Head Lughts
  • Parking Lights
  • Direction Signal Lights
  • Stop Lights
  • Tail Lights
  • Interior Lights

Head Lights:

  • Head Lights are used to see/view the front of the car while driving at nights, these are the most bright lights present in your car, one light gives a high glow and another gives deflection to the ground to minimize the glow on the road.

Parking Lights:

  • Parking lights are used to give the signals for another vehicle passing on the road. this light does not produce high glow/glare they are low-intensity lights.These lights are present on front/back/sides of the vehicle.

Direction Signal Lights:

  • These lights are used to indicate the direction of a car passing. this helps to provide the turning signals also.

Stop Lights:

  • These lights are red in color. this light indicates a stop signal. this is directly connected to brakes when brakes are applied this lights used to flashes.

Tail Lights:

  • Tail lights are used to provide at night time, these lights are at the back side of the car to indicate the better view of the car.

Interior lights:

  • This is present inside the vehicle for different purpose like panel lights, indicating lights, meter light etc.

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