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Solid model, C-rep, B-rep, and sweep-rep.

Solid Model:

Solid Model: Solid model is the clear, complete representation of object. This used to represent an object and complete details is obtained by drawing a separate solid model of the object.In creating the solid model objects, 3D modeling concepts are used.

Schemes of solid modeling:

In this modeling the 3D space is used to divided two types Exterior and Interior.

There are different schemes:

There are different types of Schemes they are as follows:
  • C-rep
  • B-rep
  • Sweep Rep


  • This is mostly used one and this can represent easy to understand, they can create easily and can stored. this is commonly used for representing simple objects.
  • In this they use polyhedral  primitives to get high accuracy.
  • To represent complex structures it is difficult to it. to generate wire-frame model C-rep should be converted in to B-rep.


  • This type is used to make a physical object. the entities used in it are geometric and topological entities.
  • In this thy are bonded to one another like physical body is bounded by a set of faces and each face is bounded by edges and each edge is bounded by vertices.
  • This is used to automobile body, aircraft fuselage etc.
  • space required for this is more. for designing and production by Euler operation it is not possible. this is also not useful in tool movement etc.

Sweep Representation:

  • This type of representation is usedful in creating 2 1/2 D solid module objects.
These are of three types:
        Linear sweeps: Following path should be linear.
        Non-Linear Sweep: There should be a curve path.
        Hybrid Sweep: It should be linear or non-linear.
  • By this sweep representation complex parts can be representate by this.
  • In this there is a limited modeling domine and there should be a proper sweep direction if not the shapes obtained is irregular.

Properties of Solid Model:

  • Solid model should determine the interior of solid.
  • It should be Rigidity.
  • In this Solid boundaries should in contact with interior.
  • Finite Describability.

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