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Turboprop Engine, Working and Parts - Mechanical Eduication

What is a Turboprop Engine?

Turboprop Engine: A turboprop is an equipment/device which used to increase the speed of flight to maximum, by generating the maximum propulsive thrust to rotate the propeller with high speed.
Turboprop engine contains Reduction gear, propeller, shaft, diffuser, compressor, turbine, combustion chamber, nozzle etc.The function of the turboprop device produces the thrust by passing the gas through a nozzle with high pressure and temperature. the gases pass out from nozzle has high velocity.

Main Parts of a Turboprop Engine:

The following are the main parts of Turboprop Engine
  • Diffuser
  • Compressor
  • Combustion Chamber
  • Turbine
  • Nozzle

This is used to draw the air from the atmosphere and converts the kinetic energy into static pressure.

This used to compress the air which is supplied from the diffuser.

Combustion chamber:
In this compressed air used to mix with fuel and burns.

This used to rotate the shaft with the help of blades provided on it.

Nozzle generates the thrust from exhaust gas with high velocity.

Working of a turboprop Engine:

The air from the atmosphere is drawn to a diffuser which increases the pressure rise in it and enters into the compressor, this helps to compress the air and supplies to the combustion chamber to mix with fuel and reaching a too high temperature to ignites the air-fuel ratio. high temperature with high-pressure gases from the combustion chamber enters into the turbine to rotate the shaft and gets expanded in it, and this enters into the nozzle and passes out with high velocity producing high thrust which improves the propulsive power to maximum.

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