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Different Type of Inspections - Mechanical Education

Types of Inspections:


Inspection is done to the object or a product to identify the quality, and ability to withstand for the required work.There are different types of inspections like online inspection, offline inspection contact inspection and more. Inspection is the most important factor that can be done in different ways.By this, we can identify the products specifications. If the product that manufactured is good then it is used for the next step, if not it will be sent to scrap.

Different types of Inspections:

There are different types of inspections they are as follows:
  • Online Inspection.
  • Off-line Inspection.
  • Contact Inspection.
  • Non-contact Inspection.

Online Inspection:

  • This type of inspection is done at the time of machining itself, by this, there is an advantage, it can inspect from work-piece to finished product. if there is any defect identified at
  • starting or at the time of machining the work-piece is sent to scrap.
  • Measuring is also done in sequentially on the manufacturing part. Automated inspections are more useful for online inspections.

Off-line inspection:

  • Offline inspection is known that the product is inspected after the completion of the complete machining process. this inspection is done at a different place where from manufacturing place.
  • This is applied if there is more time to inspect the product after machining. by using CMM machine the accurate offline inspection is done to different products.

Contact Inspection:

  • In this type of measuring there is physical contact between product and measuring instrument. the contact is done by the probe device. by this contact on the work-piece, the cause of damage may occur on it. when the object is used to inspect then work-piece is held by another additional handling. this type of process done in many industries.

Non-contact Inspection:

  • This a type of non-contacting, in this there is no contact between the product and inspection instrument. in this inspection, it uses a sensor that used to inspect the product.
  • By this instrument, the damages to workpiece do not occur. this is more accurate than contact type and increases the speed of inspection time. this is used in many fields to decrease the time of inspection.

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