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Types of Fluids - Mechanical Education

Types of Fluids:


 In this article we will discuss about what is Fluid? and different types of Fluid like ideal fluid, real fluid, Newtonian fluid, Non-Newtonian fluid, Ideal plastic fluid. Fluid is a substance that flows from one place to another with the help of external force applied on it. The flow of  fluids depends on the type of fluid and amount of force applied on it. To explain the flow rate there are different properties like viscosity, density, stress developed init etc.The main flow rate depends on the thickness of fluid, by increasing in thickness there is a chance to increase in internal friction which resist to flow the fluid. The fluids that have a capacity to make changes in there shapes according to their storage system and force applied on it. this helps in manufacturing process to obtain a required size and shape.

Types of Fluids:

There are different types of fluids they are as follows:
  • Ideal Fluid
  • Real Fluids
  • Newtonian fluid
  • Non-Newtonian Fluid
  • Ideal plastic fluid

Ideal Fluid:

The ideal fluid has no viscosity i.e It does not contain any internal friction in fluids, those type of fluids are called as ideal fluids and this type of fluids has no density and they are really not in use and they do not exist in nature.

Real Fluids:

Real Fluids are the fluid that exists in nature which has a viscosity, this type of fluids have the ability to flow and contains internal friction when there is an external force is applied to it. this type of fluids is compressible fluids. real fluids are mostly used in solving equations like continuity and Bernoulli.
Eg: Water

Ideal Plastic fluid:

This type of fluid should obey newtons law of viscosity, as shown in figure the line of ideal plastic fluid does not starts from origin.

Newtonian fluid:

Newtonian fluid belongs to a real fluid but this type of fluid accepts and allows the newtons law of viscosity and in this type of fluids viscosity is constant. In this type of fluid depending upon the strain rate, viscous stress depends. this stress-strain rate implies finding the deformation of fluid when it subjected to some force on it and flow. and in this type of fluid flow clearly explains about shear stress is directly proportional to shear strain.
Viscosity = Shear stress/Shear rate.
Eg: Alcohol, oils etc

Non-Newtonian Fluid:

The Non-Newtonian fluid itself says that it is opposite to the Newtonian fluid, this type of fluid does not depend and allows the newtons law of viscosity in its real existence. this type of fluids that do not have a constant viscosity it changes every time along with shear rate. this type of fluids depends on their thickness and force applied to flow. In most of the causes to give a complete description of Non-newtonian fluid, there is an insufficient properties that related to shear.
Eg: Blood, paints etc


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