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Advantages and disadvantages of Carbon brushes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Carbon brushes

Carbon Brushes: In this article we will discuss about advantages and disadvantages of carbon brushes.

Carbon brushes:

Carbon brushes are commonly used in D.C motors/machine to regulate the electrical connection and this carbon brushes used for different purposes like polish, lubricate etc.

Advantages of carbon brushes:

  • Carbon brushes used to rotate on the commutator to polish it.
  • These brushes are a self-lubricating type.
  • Carbon brushes are one of the best electrical conductors.
  • By using these types of brushes we can increase the conductivity.
  • This is also used at low circuit's which can work under the low-power field.

Disadvantages of carbon brushes:

  • These brushes are not useful at higher density's.
  • Carbon brushes work's according to the density.
  • If the density is high the contact between commutator and carbon brushes low.

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