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Ceramic Material and their properties - Mechanical Education

Ceramic material and mechanical properties of ceramic material:

  • Ceramic materials are non-ductile, In this tensile strength is considerable. this material can be fractured easily.
  • In these materials, glass fiber has more tensile strength.
  • They are used more in compression location.
  • They have more compression strength.
  • Ceramic Materials has good Chemical resistance.
  • This is more stability and resistance to high temperature.
  • It has a complex structure.
  • These Materials are harder to manufacture due to brittleness.
  • This also has more shear strength and harder.

Ceramic Insulators:

  • This is also Used as Electrical Insulators.
  • It contains covalent and ionic bonds in it by this the flow of electrical current is stopped and worked as insulators.
  • Without any breakdown and Withstand to high voltage the insulators possess high specific resistance.
  • In this ceramic material, the dielectric constant is high than the electrical voltage.
  • For impurities, there is less sensitive resistance.

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