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Cold Chamber Die Casting Process: Mechanical Education

Cold Chamber Die Casting Process:

Cold Chamber Die Casting: There are some main points in cold chamber die casting, some of them are considered to get a required object with accurate.Cold chamber dies casting method uses very low-temperature molten metal used to pour in it to get less thermal stress.
  • This cold chamber dies casting does not include melting unit in it.
  • In this casting process the molten metal used to press with high pressure to fill the chamber with accurate and object obtained contains high surface finish.
  • This type of casting used to manufacture the metal product.
  • This can produce a different type of metal castings like brass, aluminum etc.
  • This casting can produce high accuracy shapes with smooth external surfaces.
  • Cold chamber dies casting has high efficiency.
  • This casting is more used when the object should stand for long life than the normal method of casting process.

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