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Copper, Properties and types of copper alloys

About copper and its property and about Alloys of copper:

Copper: Copper is the most important metal used widely in many things. This can be used in pure and alloy forms.

Properties of Alloy Copper:

  • This is good in electrical conductivity.
  • It has good corrosion resistance.
  • This can easily polished.
  • This has good fatigue resistance.
  • Due to ductile, it makes easy to work.
  • It can be welded easily.
  • Strength and hardness can be increased by alloying, like adding Zinc, nickel, silver, tin.
  • This can be machined easily and widely used in many industries.
  • Pure copper is Used in electrical conductors.
  • Used in cables.
  • And it had a good thermal conductivity, due to this it can be used in Radiator elements, cooking vessels etc.

Types of Copper Alloys:.

Copper Alloys are divided into two types:
  • Brasses
  • Bronzes
Both are the alloys of copper and zinc but in Brass, there is 43% of zinc and in Bronze, it contains tin up to 10% and another element zinc.

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