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Cyclone Furnace - Mechanical Education

Cyclone Furnace:

Cyclone furnace is one type of fuel burning unit which used to generate heat by burning the coal in it, and heat generated in the furnace is supplied to the boiler to produce steam by heating the water present in the boiler. Cyclone furnace uses an additional air pre-heater to increase the temperature of air which enters the furnace to burn the fuel efficiently and effectively. This furnace consist of an inlet which is known as vents, this helps to allow the fuel and air into the furnace. To control the heat generated in the furnace there is an additional cooling system is provided to it. Due to the crushing of coal is less in cyclone furnace the required power is less.

Advantages of Cyclone Furnace:

  • Cyclone furnace uses low-level crushing devices to cut the coal.
  • Due to an additional air preheater efficiency can be increased.
  • Instead of a huge draft fan system used in a furnace, we can use the low-level air passing system.
  • We can generate high temperature through this furnace.
  • In this system, it is easy to remove the waste produced in it.

Disadvantages of Cyclone Furnace:

  • Maintenance should be regular.
  • There is a need to control over the flames produced in the burner.

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