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Engineering Design process- Mechanical Education

Engineering design:

Engineering Design: Engineering design is defined by the process of applications in different fields and principles to solve and define a number of identified/unidentified systems which obtains in a required procedure. One of the most important aspects of engineering design is machine design, this design process helps a quality, reliable etc used in an advanced manufacturing system.Machine design involves creativity in identifying or at work done with new inventions.This design deals with more over than subject-related knowledge to handle the product manufacturing, cost effect and decreasing the scrap by maintaining a quality output, engineers should also have an awareness of products etc.The design engineer should focus on time, quality, flexibility, products life etc.

Computer Aided Design(CAD):

  • Computer-aided design is also known as computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), this is the technology for design and design documentation. CAD software provides the tools for different types of the purpose of streamlining design, drafting, documentation, and used in manufacturing processes. This output is in the form of electronic files for different types of machining operations. this software development is directly correlated to the industrial based software. This is mainly used for detailed engineering of 3D models and 2D drawings of different components.
  • It is an industrial art used in many applications like automotive, aerospace, architectural design etc and also in the design of tools and machinery.
  • Due to the economic enormous importance this ha a major driving force for research in computational geometry, graphics etc.
  • In some CAD software this is capable of dynamic mathematical modeling this is done as CADD.
  • This has become the most important technology in the development of different types of products and layouts and also applies to the cost.
  • This is used to improve the layout by saving it and making it to future editing makes time save.

  • Factors that considered for machine design:

  • There are some point below that factor of safety depends on.
  •  First it considered the properties of the material that selected related design.
  •  Factor of safety considered by different types of loads applied on it at the time of work. 
  •  The material should sustain due to the selected material undergoes to different types of the machining process.
  •  According to the conditions of the environment.
  •  They should consider variations according to the load applied to it.
  •  Considering different stress like work stress, yield stress, load stress etc..
  • Some of the uncertainties are.
  •  Selected material does not contain the required properties for machining.
  •  To different manufacturing or working conditions load applied to it is not uniform.
  •  If the material is not calculated to the required machining process.

  • There are some factor of safety measurements required for machining the material like, For Ductile material, the factor of safety should be the ratio of Yield stress to the work stress. If the material is brittle then the factor of safety should be the ratio of Ultimate stress to the work stress.
CREO 2.0 Parametric 3D Modeling system.


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