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Flat Plate Collectors, Working & Advantages of Flat Plate Collectors - Mechanical Education

Flat Plate Collectors:

Flat Plate Collectors: Flat Plate Collectors are one of the most commonly used one in large buildings, summing pools etc Flat Plate Collectors are the metal bar which consists of glass or plastic cover which is present at the top and this is dark colored adsorbed plates on the bottom.In Flat Plate Collectors the collectors which are at side and bottom are usually insulated, this done due to prevent the heat losses when the sunlight passes through glass and strikes the observed plates.By this, the heat is produced which is from solar energy to heat energy.

  • In this, the Absorver plates are usually made up of metals because they are the good conductors of electricity.
  • Metals are highly used in this gives high output more than the others.
  • In it generally, they use copper as the absorber plates.
  • But by using copper metals as absorber plates the cost of it gets increases but works more efficiently.
  • Copper also has less corrosion than many other metals like aluminum etc..
  • by this, the metal can withstand high temperature and gives good results in heat production.
  • It required anti-freeze protection, and there is uniform flux on the absorber.
  • In its insulation intensity is low.

Working of Flat Plate Collectors: 

When the sunlight falls the metal box which contains with glass this used to strikes the plates which are placed to absorb the heat from the sun, this gets heated and this is used to transfer the heat into the water which is passing in the tubes by this water gets heated in this the observers are coated with some useful coating to collect more heat.

Advantages of Flat Plate Collectors:

  • In Flat Plate Collectors it used to collect the energy from all directions which are from above the observer.
  • This is a non-pollution type system.
  • In this there are many flat plate collectors are firmly fixed to a mounting structure.
  • This can collect the direct and diffuse solar radiation.
  • The power we use for this is renewable energy(sun).
  • Construction is easy.
  • More energy can be observed at low temperatures.

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