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Difference between Flat Plate Collectors and Focusing Collectors

Difference between Flat plate collectors and Focusing collectors:

Flat Plate Collectors:

  • Flat plate collectors required more area for absorber than focusing collectors.
  • An additional anti-freeze is used for protection.
  • This can reach only to a low-temperature range.
  • Due to low temperature, it does not use to produce power.
  • Design is easy.
  • It has low insulation intensity.
  • Required low maintenance.
  • Flat plate collector absorber has uniform flux.
  • This is comparatively low cost.

Focusing Collectors:

  • Focusing collectors required less area for absorber than flat plate collectors.
  • No additional requirements are needed.
  • This can reach to a high-temperature range.
  • Due to high temperature, it can be used for power generation.
  • Complex design.
  • It has high insulation intensity.
  • Required more maintenance than flat plate collectors.
  • Focusing collectors have non-uniform flux.
  • This is costly.

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