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Flywheel, Working and Main Parts of Flywheel - Mechanical Education

Flywheel Working and Main parts:


A flywheel is a device that stores the energy and used when it is required. this device is used to run the engine by supplying the constant energy when there are fluctuations in energy supply.
The flywheel is a powerful device in the engine which rotates continuously, this system can store required energy within a short time and it delivers as soon as possible.
This is the most important device to run Stationary engines, Machines, pumps etc..

For example, We know that I.C Engines power produced is only in one stroke and the remaining strokes are idle i.e they do not have any supply of energy to rotate with the same speed, which is at the time of power stroke. to make an idle stroke into working stroke FLYWHEEL is used. the flywheel stores the energy at the time of power stroke and this power is supplied to the crankshaft to make rotations at the time of the ideal stroke. This is an energy transferring device for smooth function, which is used to supply an equal amount of energy at the time of fluctuations.

The energy stored in this device is done by receiving the torque and converting it into the kinetic energy. The operation made by a flywheel is smooth and clean process is obtained. and by knowing the angular velocity and moment of inertia of a flywheel we can obtain the amount of kinetic energy stored in the flywheel.

The supply of energy from the engine to wheel is not done directly due to the non-continuous power stroke, due to this reason the energy from the power stroke is supplied to flywheel and this device is used to rotate continuously due to the inertia, which helps to transfer the continuous rotational energy to wheel without any fluctuations.

Flywheel required low maintenance and withstand to a longer life. the flywheel is made up of strong material to resist high temperature and corrosion. most of them are made with alloy steel to maintain all the required properties at the time of high rotational speed.Tensile strength of the flywheel material should be strong.

A flywheel takes the most important role in continuing the same or constant speed of the engine, which helps to rotate continuously with out any fluctuations developed init. Automobile industry mainly depend on the rotational speed to make a required and constant rotation, flywheel plays a major role, this device contains different sizes and weight according to the application of rotational  energy transfer.

Main parts of Flywheel:

The Following are the main parts of Flywheel:
  • Rotor
  • Motor
  • Bearings
  • Controllers
A rotor is a part that includes in the device to store the required energy init.

This is used to convert the energy from one form to another form.

Bearings plays a major role in supporting and stable rotation of a flywheel.

This is used to observe the working conditions.


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