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Geometric Modeling: Requirements and different types of geometric modeling system

Geometric Modeling:

Geometric Modeling: Geometric Modeling is an important role that used in product design and also in manufacturing. This is helpful in avoiding duplication work.This is used to stores the model database which performance on CAD. This database is used for design optimization, but for engineering analysis this modeling needed.This is used to modify according to the requirements needed, like cost, raw materials etc.

Requirements of Geometric Modeling:

  • The cross-section, lines that are hidden, dimensions are needed to Graphical Visualization.
  • At the time of parts Inspection, Interchangeable manufacturing tolerance analysis is required.
  • There should be an automatic assembly of the model in Checking interference, modeling etc
  • There should be also properties evaluation and geometrical evaluations in Area, Volume, and property evaluation in Weight, Density etc..
  • About Kinematic analysis and finite element analysis is also required.
  • The main requirement in parts classification, planning etc in manufacturing.

Types of Geometric Modelings:

The Following are the different types of Geometric Modeling system they are:
  • Solid modeling
  • Wire frame modeling
  • Solid modeling
Solid Modeling:
Solid Modeling is also called a volume model. This is the most used method. this gives the complete description of solid modeling.
It uses a different type of techniques in representing the data which is related to solid modeling.

Wire frame modeling:
Wire frame modeling is a simple modeling system, and it has major class features and important applications in it. This is used for the designing system.
This used to represent the object by the help of lines only. This line model representation is called line model representation.
This is not sufficient to represent the more complex solids.

Surface Modeling:
A surface component represents the object by its surface, this surfaces is Ruled surface planes, High complicated surfaces.
Surface Modeling used to represent the object with a high clear view of manufacturing. by this clear point of view, the internal surface of any type of model cannot be developed, by this NC path is generated.
Surface modeling uses Bezier and B-spines.

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