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Hartnell Governor, Construction, Working, Main Parts and Advantages

Hartnell Governor and Construction:

Hartnell Governor: Hartnell Governor is same as watt governor which used to supply a required quantity of fuel to the engine to reduce fluctuations. But Hartnell governor consists few different parts for accurate working and high-speed performances, this type of governor consist of a spring which helps to apply an additional force on the sleeve. and there is a lever called a bell crank lever to support the rotation of the ball and connected to the frame of the governor and when these balls used to rotate along with the lever to lift the sleeve according to the speed of balls rotation. and this governor is provided with an additional nut placed above the frame, this is used to adjust the spring force.

Working of Hartnell Governor:

Hartnell governor consists of two balls which are attached to bell crank lever as shown in the figure and this lever get connected at the point of the roller which is provided below the top corner of the sleeve, When the balls connected to the lever rotates the sleeve gets lifted from lower position to upper position, by this, the fuel gets supplied to the engine from the storage tank, due to the sleeve rises from bottom end point the quantity of fuel supply depends on the sleeve lifted, the displacement of the sleeve depends on the rotation speed of balls. and in this governor, the spring provided inside the frame applies an opposite force on the sleeve when it gets lifted from the bottom position. in this type of governor, we can apply the required amount of force with the help of spring and can adjust with the nut provided on the top of the frame.
The amount of fuel supplied to the engine depends on the sleeve moment when the sleeve get raised the fuel is supplied to the engine with the help of fuel pump from the fuel storage tank.

Main parts of Hartnell Governor:

The following are the main parts of Hartnell Governor. 
  • Nut
  • Frame
  • Spring
  • Balls
  • Bell crank lever
  • Collar
  • Sleeve
  • This is proved on the top of the frame, which used to adjust the force on the sleeve.
  • This is provided with a spring inside which protects and support it and the frame is connected to the bell crank lever which rotates along the lever.
  • This is used to apply the pressure on the sleeve whenever required and this helps to push the sleeve downwards when it raised more than the required.  
  • These are placed on the bell crank lever which is done with some specified weight.
Bell crank lever:
  • This is used to rotate along with the balls provided on it and it is connected to the frame to rotate it.
  • This provided on the top of the sleeve to support the spring on it.
  • This used to move in an upward and downward direction according to the rotation of bell crank lever attached to it. and this helps to flow the required amount of fluid into the engine when it raised above from the bottom point.


*) This type of governor is more efficient.
*) This is used for high speed engines.
*) Controlling is easy.

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