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Heat Ex-changer & Classification of Heat Ex-changer

Heat Ex-changer:

A heat ex-changer is a process of heat transfer from one place to another or it transfers in between one medium to another medium. heat ex-changers are used where cooling is required like automobiles, power plants, different types of boilers etc. Heat ex-changers are used to decrease  or  increasing the temperature in required area by using different methods.In automobiles, power plants they decreases the temperature by using cooling jackets, cooling towers, condensers, cooling water tubes etc.To increase the temperature hot flue gases or hot steam is used to transfer the heat. To get a clear example of heat ex-changer is boilers, water tube boilers, fire tube boilers etc. And there is also information related to transferring the heat from reactors to water in pressurized water reactor.

Classification of Heat Exchanger:

According to the directions:

Parallel Flow:
In parallel flow heat ex-changer both hot fluid and cold fluid flow in the same directions, but they do not mix with each other. the hot fluid used to transfer heat to the cold fluid.
In the counter-flow heat ex-changer, Hot fluid flows in opposite direction to the cold fluid.
In a cross-flow heat ex-changer, they used to flow in a perpendicular direction to each other. this process takes place to exchange the heat from hot to the cold fluid.

Nature heat Exchanger process:

Heat Ex-changer through the direct process:
This process is done by mixing both hot and cold fluid, the heat transfer takes place by contacting hot and cold fluids simultaneously.
  Eg: Cooling towers.

Heat Ex-changer through the indirect process:
This process takes place by exchanging the heat through walls and there is no contact between the fluids.
Eg:  Oil coolers, economizers etc..

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