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How Rankine Cycle Efficiency can be Improved

Rankine Cycle Efficiency can be Increased by:

Rankine cycle efficiency can be increased by three methods these methods helps to increase the efficiency of Rankine cycle. The Efficiency of Rankine cycle can be increased by increasing the average temperature of heat supplied. The detailed explanation about three methods to increase Rankine Cycle Efficiency is as follows.

Methods to Increase Rankine Cycle Efficiency:

The following are the three methods to increase Rankine Cycle Efficiency.
  • Increasing the boiler pressure
  • Super Heating
  • Reducing Condenser pressure

Increasing the boiler pressure:

In this process by increasing the pressure, there is a high rise in a cycle and gets high pressure, which is about 166 bar.

Super Heating:

Super Heating the steam gives results in increasing the cycle efficiency. there is another improvement in it by super heating the steam the wet vapour gets eliminated and gives erosion free to blades this gives long life to blades.

Reducing condenser pressure:

By reducing the condenser pressure there is an increase in thermal efficiency, this is more results when it is done in high vacuums.

Advantages of Regenerative Cycle:

  • There is a minimized thermal stress set-up in the boiler.
  • Thermal efficiency is improved because the average temperature of heat addition to the cycle is increased.
  • Rate of heat is reduced.
  • It required small size condenser.


  • By this erosion and corrosion decreases.
  • Thermal efficiency is increased.
  • Blade and nozzle efficiency are increased.

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