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Hydraulic braking system: working and types - Mechanical Education

Hydraulic Braking System:

Hydraulic Braking System: Hydraulic braking system is nothing but a type of braking system which is used to apply the equal amount of force on all the wheels in same time and decreases the time to stop the vehicle. Hydraulic braking system works with more efficient when compare to other brake systems. Commonly there are two types of Hydraulic braking system they are Drum and Disc type used in vehicles. Hydraulic braking system mainly depends on the oil, we use hydraulic oils like Castrol oil, Glycol-ether etc. This oil used to pass in the equal amount through all the pipes and enters into the cylinder to move the pistons or pads against the wheel drum or disc (brake rotor).The oil enters into different parts with the help of the master cylinder when the brake pedal is pressed. the complete process runs on hydraulic oil supply, this braking system may get damaged when there are any leakages of oil occurred in the system and this may result in complete damage. Most of the modern vehicles are using a hydraulic braking system. and this braking system is more flexible. and the overall construction is not a complex thing and there should be regular maintenance is needed to avoid leakages. The pipes that connecting between the master cylinder and remaining parts should be made with strong metal due to high pressurized oil passing through it.

Working of Hydraulic Braking System:

Hydraulic braking system consists of a brake lever to apply pressure for stopping the vehicle, when we press the brake pedal is used to move in forwarding direction by pressing a spring present in master cylinder, The oil used flow from reservoir to pipes and enters in to the caliper assembly where pistons and rotor is present in it, when the fluid enters in to the caliper assembly pistons present in it moves towards rotor and generates the friction to stop the rotating wheel and when the brake lever is released with the help of spring pressure brake lever returns to its original position

Types of Hydraulic Braking System:

Hydraulic Braking System is divided into two types they are as follows
  • Drum Hydraulic Braking System
  • Disc Hydraulic Braking System

Drum Hydraulic Braking System:

Drum hydraulic braking system used to stop the vehicle with the help of wheel drum which is connected to the rotating wheel of a vehicle. in this type of system, the fluid/oil pressure helps to move the brake shoe. when we apply the pressure on the brake pedal the oil from master cylinder enters into the supply pipes which is in high pressure and this pressurized oil makes a linear moment in brake pistons which is arranged in wheel cylinder  and this piston help to press the brake shoe against the wheel drum to stop the rotation of moving vehicle. Drum Brake Contains different parts like master cylinder, Wheel Cylinder, Springs, Brake shoes, wheel drum. In this assembly, the wheel drum is attached to the rotating wheel of the vehicle. there is a master cylinder used to pump the required pressurized oil through the pipes and there is a wheel cylinder which contains brake shoes when the pressurized oil enters into the cylinder there is a moment occurred in the brake shoes this is used to press against the wheel drum according to the pressure applied on the brake and this wheel drum used to  stop the rotation and makes the vehicle rotation stops.

Components of Drum braking system:

Master Cylinder:
It used to store the oil in it and supplied when the brake lever is pressed.

This is used to apply the return pressure on the brake lever which helps to move into its original position when the pressure on the brake lever is released.

Brake Shoe:
This is used to apply the required pressure on the wheel drum to create the friction and stops the rotating wheel drum.

Wheel Drum:
This is used to fix with the rotating wheel of the vehicle and stops the wheels to rotate when brake shoes press against the wheel drum.

Disc hydraulic braking system.

This type of system also works on the same concept but here is a strong alloy steel disc plate which is in a circular shape. The function of oil in this system is related to drum type but here is a brake pad which applies the required pressure on the disc to stop the vehicle.Disc brake contains different parts making them into a correct assembly gives an object, Wheel Studs, Wheel bearings, Disc rotor, Disc pads, Caliper Assembly. Wheel studs are used to attach or engage with the parts in the Disc brake and wheel bearings should be strong enough to control the rotating parts and they should be more stable. Disc rotor is the main part which used to rotate with the same speed as the wheel and when we apply the brake disc rotor contains disc pads which used to press against the disc rotor and stops the rotation of disc rotor, this disc rotor which is connected to the wheel also stops the rotation. by this, we can able to stop the vehicles wheel rotation. In a hydraulic braking system, there are some points which should take care of. Proper fluid is selected due to the high temperature is created in the braking fluid.Replacement of oil should be at the proper time if not, it may lead to improper function and corrosion effect.

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