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Intensive and Extensive properties:

 Intensive and Extensive properties:

There are two different types of properties which explains the complete system of the configuration, It is said to be an intensive or extensive property by make a clear difference between them by understanding there principle.
Property: It is said to be a property that a physical condition is described by the Measurable characteristic.

1] Intensive properties: 

This property does not depend on the mass of the system.
well, by considering a system with different properties and different quantities, in this the sum of the properties does not equal to properties of the system. in this all the quantities are individual.
Some of the types are:
  Pressure, temperature etc...

2] Extensive properties:

This type of properties depends on the mass of the system.
Well, by considering the system which has different individual quantities, if the sum of the properties of all individual quantities is equal to the property of the system then it is called as extensive property.
eg: volume, kinetic energy, potential energy.
In this, the extensive properties per unit mass are called specific properties.
1, Specific volume (v)=V/m and total energy (e)= E/m.

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